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Every week we get emails making suggestions for improving Stalkerville and we’re constantly working on adding those requests.  We’ve added several over the past few weeks and wanted to make sure you know about them!

The Most Popular Gallery

This is probably the 2nd most requested enhancement so we’re excited to finally have it in place!  We tried several algorithms but in the end what seemed to make the most sense was simply ranking by the number of times a recipe had been added to favorites.   So the most popular gallery includes the top 999 recipes out of 15,851 (woohoo!) at the time of this post.

Most Popular Recipes on Chowstalker and Dessertstalker

I couldn’t help but notice that as of today the top 5 recipes are Whole 30 compliant and there’s only one dessert on the front page.   That’s some clean eating!

List of Contributors

We’re grateful beyond words for each and every person that has added their recipes to Chowstalker and Dessertstalker over the last 3 years.  Many of the early contributors are now published (or soon to be) authors and famous in paleo circles, people like Melissa Jouwlan, Michelle Tam and Henry Fong, Hayley Mason and Bill Staley, Russ Crandall , Tony Federico , Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry and George Bryant just to name a few!   We don’t say it often enough or well enough, but we love and admire every person on the contributor list for their support and for helping to teach the world how to cook better, eat better and feel better.  So we’ve added this list as one more way for people to discover and visit more of these websites and blogs.

Stalkerville Contributors

We’re betting that there are quite a few new rising stars and so-to-be published authors on this list!


Not too many people are focused on gardening in our part of the world right now and with good reason.  We tried to harvest some kale from the backyard for breakfast yesterday and it was frozen solid.  But if you grow some of your own food and write about it, we’d love to share it with our readers.  In the land of paleo, we often talk about farm-to-table eating, supporting your farmer, shopping at farmer markets, buying locally, in season and organic.  But if you truly care about the quality of your food, you really should be growing at least some of your own, even if it’s just some herbs in the flower bed or in a patio container.  Growing edibles is something that we’ve been passionate about for the last 10 or so years and yet we’re still learning new techniques and finding new things to grow.  So we hope to grow gardenstalker in the coming months to become a place where you can learn, teach and even brag a little about the bounties from your backyard without having to sift through articles that recommend spraying with unhealthy pesticides and using fertilizers like 10-10-10.

Upload Profile Image, Pagination & Favorites

Three other minor enhancements that we recently made are:

1.  You can now upload a profile image from your dashboard.  If an image isn’t uploaded we default to your Gravatar.

2.  We’ve updated our pagination to make it easier to navigate and even go to a specific page in the galleries:

Stalkerville - Recipe Sharing Site for Paleo Inspired, Real Food

3.  You can now favorite and save as many recipes as you want.  When we re-launched in August,  we had to limit the number of favorites displayed to 100 but that’s now been fixed.  We also have several upcoming enhancements involving “favorites” that we think will make them much more useful.

And coming soon!

Next up on our list of enhancements is being able to filter search results by multiple categories.  For instance, ”Whole30 + egg-free + breakfast”.  This is absolutely the number one requested feature from you so we hope to have it working before Christmas.  It is actually phase one of an advanced search which will help you sift through the many thousands of paleo recipes on the site.

These are not enhancements but we wanted to let you know…

We typically try to  publish 3 chowstalker recipes for every 1 dessertstalker recipe to keep the home page of Stalkerville focused on the most nourishing foods, but you may have noticed that we’ve relaxed that quite a bit for the holidays.  We want to make sure we share all of the paleo holiday recipes in time for people to try them because they are far superior to most traditional treats.  Many people emerge from the holidays feeling kinda rotten from indulging in too many foods that aren’t good for them, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  These recipes are proof!  So we hope you get to try out a few of them and share them with your loved ones.  But come January, we’ll be back to focusing on clean eating and supporting those participating in The January Whole 30 program by sharing many recipes that meet the program’s guidelines.

Last, but not least, we wanted to make sure that everyone knows that Monday was the official release for  Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans and it’s getting rave reviews as expected.

nomnompaleo food for humans stalkerville

I could write a book about all the things I love about this book, and as much as it sounds like it, that’s not hype.  It’s inspiring, entertaining, thoughtful, honest and well-written.  It’s loaded with cooking tips, great new recipes, beautiful photography including 900 step-by-step photo and cartoon illustrations.  It’s coffee table worthy with thick glossy pages, a padded hard cover and even a built in book-mark!   I haven’t even come close to exploring all of the information contained in this 277 page paleo cookbook/encyclopedia.  Highly, highly recommended.  You can download a 50 page preview to see why you’ll want to make room for this one on your bookshelf.

We hope you enjoy the new features and know that we’re hard at work to make Stalkerville more useful in the days to come!

Much love,
Patty & Ron

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