Chowstalker’s Top 10 Recipes for the Week ending October 26, 2013

Top 10 Real Food, Paleo Inspired Recipes of the Week from Chowstalker
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Coconut Tea

Coconut Tea from The Essential Omnivore
With the cooler weather here, it’s easy for me to over-consume coffee.  I’d like to correct that by making warm teas like this instead.  And since cardamom is used for sore throats and congestion, this is definitely a recipe to keep close by during the upcoming cold and  flu season.

Holy Guacamole

Holy Guacamole from Christine at Taste of Divine

I’ve never met a guacamole I didn’t like … wait a minute.  That’s not true.  Those pre-made dips from the deli counter make me sad and using a package of that powdered guacamole spice mix is a sure-fire way to ruin a perfectly good avocado.   Some people like their gauc with even fewer ingredients, but these 6 are exactly what we use to make ours.

A Fall Recipe Roasted Butternut Squash

A Fall Recipe Roasted Butternut Squash from Tina at Oh Snap! Let’s Eat!
Speaking of 6 ingredients, that’s all you need for this simple recipe – a squash, some butter and a few spices.  And I mentioned this on Twitter earlier but check out that  top menu on Tina’s website.  You can see why we love it!

Sweet Potato Falafel

Sweet Potato Falafel from Cat at Thinks My Belly Likes
We didn’t discover Falafel until shortly before cutting most grains and legumes out of our diet, so no big love lost.  But Cat came up with this version to get her falafel fix since her husband was going to indulge without her.  I think she one upped him!  And Ron declared this his favorite recipe of the week.

Paleo Fudgy Avocado Brownies

Paleo Fudgy Avocado Brownies from Mike at The Iron You
The magic of these fudge brownies is in the pairing of creamy avocado with dark chocolate, which is actually quite common but Mike seems to have perfected it.

Crockpot Chicken Curry

Crockpot Chicken Curry from Sarah at Sarah Lynn Smile
Making Thai Curry from scratch is a labor of love,  but Sarah uses her crock-pot and some other short-cuts to pull together this week-night meal in a matter of minutes.

German Apple Pancakes

German Apple Pancakes from Tara at The Foodie and The Family
This recipe was shared 2 years ago, but it resurfaced in the top 10 last week.   This paleo-friendly recipe makes enough for 10 servings and keeps well in the fridge for a couple of days, so it’s a great make-ahead meal or side dish.

Crispy Asparagus Fries

Crispy Asparagus Fries from Jolene at Yummy Inspirations
Asparagus is plentiful in Melbourne right now and Jolene found a great way to get her kids to try this veggie.  This would make a great snack with your favorite dip or a wonderful side for your favorite burger!

Creamy Salmon Dip

Creamy Salmon Dip from Sylvie at Hollywood Homestead
Speaking of dip!  Dips are not typically thought of as healthy, but this one is full of the good fats and it’s quick to whip up.  Can’t help but wonder how it would be with those asparagus fries.

Almond Joy Bites

Almond Joy Bites from Vanessa at plaid & paleo
Since Halloween is coming up, we feel like we should be sharing more ways to take over this holiday, rather than boring substitutes or just boycotting it altogether.  But the truth is we typically turn off the light and hide out during Trick or Treat.  Luckily, The Paleo Parents did their 3rd Annual Halloween Recipe Round-Up including these absolutely delicious sounding Almond Joy Bites.  If we could hand out homemade treats like this, we might actually turn the lights back on!

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