Chowstalker’s Recipes of the Week ending September 21, 2013

Before sharing the featured recipes for this past week, we want to pass along a few bits of news:

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3.  We’re headed down to St. Simon’s Island this morning for a short vacation but the place we’re staying does not have internet access. I know!!  We’ll back to work on Friday and looking forward to seeing and sharing what everyone has been cooking.

4.  If we were not leaving for vacation, we would be celebrating with our friends Julie and Charles Mayfield at their book release party for Quick & Easy Paleo Comfort Foods: 100+ Delicious Gluten-Free Recipes.  We know that it will be a welcome addition to many paleo cookbook collections and wish them much success, not that they need it.

On to the recipes!

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If you love pancakes, but not the heavy brick in your stomach feeling that comes along with traditional ones,  check out this recipe from Sam at Canada Girl Eats Paleo.  These are made with sweet potatoes, and to save some time, Sam points out that you can bake up a batch of sweet potatoes early in the week and then use them for sides, other recipes and of course, these pancakes.


If you include dairy in your diet, whipping up a homemade ranch dressing is pretty easy, but a creamy non-dairy version?  Absolutely, thanks to Melissa at CupcakesOMG who shared her version using coconut milk and paleo mayonnaise.  So if you’re in the “RANCH ALL THE THINGS” camp but don’t do dairy, you’ll definitely want to give this one a try.


This Paleo Roasted Cauliflower Soup from The Preppy Paleo was a big hit, even with non-cauliflower lovers.   She used the perfect blend of spices, toppings and creaminess to make it taste like potato soup without including any potatoes.


Despite the fact that Melissa from Satisfying Eats says this version of her Crock Pot Sweet Potato Lasagna was a little over cooked, a healthy “lasagna” that can be made in a slow cooker still has lots of appeal!


Another hit from Jody at Living Nutrition, Chicken à la King.  Tender chicken, pastured bacon, leeks, bell pepper and mushrooms in a creamy yet dairy-free white wine sauce. Comfort food in less than 30 mins.


Although this Paleo Potstickers recipe is an older one from Amy at Paleo Cupboard, it was a big hit when we first published it and it bubbled back up to the top this past week.  Maybe as an appetizer for the Chicken à la King?


Meatified‘s excellent tutorial for cooking perfect pork ribs in the oven should be bookmarked even if your are planning to cook your ribs on the grill.  Never know when a storm might pop-up and put a damper on those plans.


With the change in seasons and an abundance of apples in our part of the world, enjoying a nice cup of homemade apple cider sounds like an excellent idea and Ashley from My Heart Beets shared her recipe which is another good reason why every paleo kitchen should be equipped with a slow cooker!


We’ve seen several recipes for making treats using gelatin like this one from Julia at Jules’ Fuel made with just 3 ingredients.  The fruity red color and her clever title of “Anti-Aging Strawberry Raspberry Fruit Snacks” made this a sure hit.

This Dairy Free Dark Chocolate Coconut Pudding from Steph at Stupid Easy Paleo is dairy and egg free and “stupid-easy” to make with just 4 ingredients.  You’d never know by looking at it.


Nancy at She Cooks He Cleans found that innocent looking lemon bars are actually pure evil in most cases and loaded with sugar and flour.  Not anymore.  These are luscious and lemony, with no refined sugar, dairy, gluten or grains.

Thanks everyone and have a great week!

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