Announcing the Chowstalker Community Cookbook, 1st Edition

We are proud to announce the beautiful result of a huge collaborative effort by over 90 people!

The 1st Chowstalker Community Cookbook is 250+ pages containing 138 paleo recipes, 92 profile pages of fabulous cooks that actively share their recipes on Chowstalker, hundreds of money and time saving tips to help you “keep it paleo” and more.

Chowstalker Community Cookbook 1st Edition cover

We asked contributors to share healthy and delicious paleo recipes that could be made for under $5.00 per serving.

recipe page

And not only did they deliver, but in the process created 70 original recipes exclusively for this book!

Original Recipes

Each recipe’s dietary compliance is listed and often include suggested modifications to fit your needs. There are many ideas for using leftovers and tons of “did you know?” factoids interspersed throughout the book, usually relevant to some key ingredient in the current recipe.

Dietary Compliance
Leftover Ideas
Did You Know?

You’ll enjoy getting to know all of the recipe contributors which range from college students to best-selling authors; from recovering S.A.D victims to buff cross-fitters and nutritional coaches. But they all have at least one thing in common – they have a passion for cooking  paleo inspired, real food.

Profile Page

Profile pages are spread throughout the book and include profile images, a short bio, links to their website and social media sites where they are active, so it will be easy to connect with them. Most of the contributors were quick to come up with some great tips that keep them on track and on budget.

Profile Image and Links
Quick & Easy Tips

Some of the delicious recipes you’ll find in the book include:

  • 22 recipes for “things that graze” including braised oxtail stew, greek meatza and tri-tip burrito bowls.
  • 23 recipes for “things that oink” including chorizo jalapeno poppers, spring risotto with ham and asparagus and pork meatloaf with cauliflower, apple and fennel.
  • 25 recipes for “things with wings” including caponata stuffed chicken, deep dish tamale pie and bacon jam glazed chicken wings.
  • 19 recipes for “things that swim” including cilantro lime shrimp scampi, southwestern avocado tuna boats and almond crusted baked pepper cod.
  • 17 recipes for “things that hatch” including mediterranean kale and eggs, plantain french toast squares and bacon and onion soufflé.

In addition there are soups and stews, salads and vegetables side dishes, sauces and few paleo “bread” options. We didn’t include any desserts because we wanted to provide as much inspiration as possible for real meals loaded with nutrition – over 130 of them!  (Of course, if you really need a dessert, there’s a few here.)

And all of this in one place as a convenient PDF file that you can flip through on your tablet, laptop or any personal computer.

This ebook was available for the first time as part of the amazing Primal Life Kit.  We hope you had the chance to get your kit, but if you didn’t.  Stay tuned…the Chowstalker Community Cookbook  will be available again soon!
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