Here’s an easy way to show off your gallery! Copy and paste the code below into a widget, sidebar, etc. on your website or blog. If you’re logged in, we’ve already included your username so there’s nothing to change. This will place a badge like below on your site, and it will link back to your gallery.

If you want to add a badge but you’re having trouble, just drop us a line. We’ll be glad to help!

The two badges below will link to your stalkerville gallery.

  200×200 pixels
Stalkerville My Gallery Badge
  150×150 pixels
Stalkerville My Gallery Badge


The two badges below will link to the main stalkerville recipes gallery.

  200×200 pixels
Stalkerville Badge
  150×150 pixels
Stalkerville Badge


Detailed Instructions

If you have a wordpress blog this should be easy!

Login to stalkerville and go to this page

Find the badge you want to use and click inside the box to the right of it (it should get highlighted, but if it is not, press Ctrl-A to select all)

Press Ctrl-C (Command-C on a Mac) to copy that code to your clipboard.

Open up a tab or window to your wordpress admin screen and navigate to appearance -> widgets (where you added other widgets).

Drag a “Text” type widget from your “Available Widgets” onto your sidebar, and click on the space in the body of text widget.

Press Ctrl-V (Command-V on a Mac) and the code for the badge should be pasted into your widget.

Type in a title for the badge (optional).

Press the Save button at the bottom of that widget. It will now be live on your site.

You can drag that widget anywhere so it shows in the order you want. You can change the title anytime, but should not touch the code inside the body.


If you chose one of the “my gallery” badges (and you were logged into stalkerville), your username will automatically get inserted into the code so people that click on your badge will get sent to your profile page

Directions are similar for blogger or other platforms. The code provided is standard html code so it can be pasted in any area that recognizes and displays html.