Tens of thousands of people have achieved amazing results by successfully completing the Whole30® program. We have over 3000 recipes that are Whole30 friendly with more being added daily. These meals were tagged as Whole30 compliant by the recipe creator, and while they are no longer vetted by the Whole30 team, we do our best to make sure these recipes are appropriate for the program. But for recipes you find here, on other websites or blogs, Pinterest, etc. please read your ingredients like you'd read your labels, leaving out any recipes or ingredients that you know aren't a part of the Whole30 program. (And remember that pancakes, pastries, or other "treats" are never Whole30 compliant.)

If you do find a recipe that is tagged as Whole30 and shouldn’t be, you can flag it or drop us a line, and we’ll remove it right away.

Need a refresher on the rules? Visit http://whole30.com/whole30-program-rules."
slow cooker curried tomato soup
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homemade head cheese
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macadamia nut chicken tenders peach mustard
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creamy cauliflower and ground beef skillet
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