About the site

Stalkerville is the new home for chowstalker and dessertstalker which are gluten-free, real food recipe sharing sites based on paleo principles.  We combined the sites and re-launched them on a new domain to provide a platform for additional galleries, like gardenstalker that are interesting to those living a happy and healthy paleo-inspired lifestyle.

The history

Chowstalker was launched February 9, 2011 to help people find healthy, paleo inspired recipes and to showcase the many wonderful cooks that take time to photograph and post their creations.  At that time, we didn’t accept recipes for paleo treats.  But a lot of people told us that even though they wanted to eat “real food” they still wanted an occasional treat, and they wanted a place to find recipes for healthy options they could feel good feeding their children or serving at a birthday party.  So we created a separate website, dessertstalker, which basically followed the same guidelines as chowstalker, with a more lenient policy regarding sweeteners.

We soon realized that many recipe submissions were actually a good fit for both chowstalker and dessertstalker, and that the overhead of running two separate sites wasn’t necessary. The sites were relaunched as Stalkerville on August 1st, 2013.

About us

We’re Ron and Patty Strilaeff, a husband and wife team managing this website from our home northwest of Atlanta, GA.  Patty has Scottish-Irish-Cherokee-Southern roots and is a left-brained, list-making, business analyst who can read minds (according to Ron), while Ron is a Russian-Canadian, techie, daydreamer who hates deadlines and can fix anything (according to Patty).  And as different as we are, we still manage to co-exist, work as a team and create a happy life together.  Well, we hit at least 2 out of 3 of these on most days.   Our future plans are to do more traveling, take more photographs, clean up our sorely neglected gardens, and continue our work on Stalkerville.

We switched our diet from semi-vegetarian to mostly paleo in 2010. And we believe that so far it has helped us avoid the health issues common to our generation.

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